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Ultimate BBQ Platter + Margherita Large Pizza (13″) + Chicken Masala Kottu + 1KG Any Full Cake + CoCa Cola 2L/Sprite 2L + 2 X Garlic Bread Portion

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Ultimate BBQ Platter (For Three/Four People)
Margherita Large Pizza (13″ – For Two People)
Chicken Masala Kottu
1KG Any Full Cake
CoCa Cola 2L/Sprite 2L
2 X Garlic Bread Portions
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Ultimate BBQ Platter
Chicken Shish kebab, Grilled chicken thighs, Lamb kofta, Homemade grilled sausages, Chicken rollatini, Stuffed minced lamb kebab, Prawns, Calamari

Served with tortilla bread or grilled potatoes, salad and two different kinds of secret sauces.

Full Cakes
Blueberry cheesecake 1kg
Death by chocolate 1kg
Red velvet cake with Cheese frosting 1kg
Brownie cheesecake 1kg
Double chocolate cheesecake 1kg
Chocolate fudge 1kg
Coffee chocolate(Lavazza Cake) 1kg
Chocolate cheesecake 1kg
Oreo cheesecake 1kg
Tiramisu cake 1kg
Biscuit pudding 1kg
Peanut butter chocolate 1kg
Strawberry vanilla blast 1kg
Carrot cake 1kg
Granny’s cake 1kg
Strawberry cheesecake 1kg
Black forest gateau 1kg
Pineapple gateau 1kg
Coffee chocolate mousse cake 1kg
The best ever fudge 1kg
Chocolate gateau 1kg

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Full Cake

Blueberry cheesecake 1kg, Death by chocolate 1kg, Red velvet cake with Cheese frosting 1kg, Brownie cheesecake 1kg, Double chocolate cheesecake 1kg, Chocolate fudge 1kg, Coffee chocolate(Lavazza Cake) 1kg, Chocolate cheesecake 1kg, Oreo cheesecake 1kg, Tiramisu cake 1kg, Biscuit pudding 1kg, Peanut butter chocolate 1kg, Strawberry vanilla blast 1kg, Carrot cake 1kg, Granny’s cake 1kg, Strawberry cheesecake 1kg, Black forest gateau 1kg, Pineapple gateau 1kg, Coffee chocolate mousse cake 1kg, The best ever fudge 1kg, Chocolate gateau 1kg


Coca Cola 2L, Sprite 2L